Which of the following is a disadvantage of a decentralized organizational structure_

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Which of the following statements is true of decentralization? A) A decentralized structure does not empower employees to handle customer complaints directly. B) A decentralized structure forces top management to lose some control over the organization. C) Decentralization slows responsiveness to local needs for decision making.
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Creating an organizational structure is not a one time activity. Executives must revisit an organization’s structure over time and make changes to it if certain danger signs arise. For example, a structure might need to be adjusted if decisions with the organization are being made too slowly or if the organization is performing poorly.
Generally, there are more disadvantages to the tall organizational structure than there are advantages. In a tall organization, there will be a large number of managers, and each manager will usually be responsible for a small group of employees. This means that the span of control of each manager is very narrow. 2. Decentralized Organization Structure. In such type of organizations, day-to-day tasks and the decision-making processes are In contrast, the organizational design represents the dynamic view of an organization. It is more of processes and methods which help in organizational structuring...Because the network structure is decentralized, it has fewer tiers in its organizational makeup, a wider span of control, and a bottom-up flow of decision making and ideas. Disadvantages of a Network Structure. On the other hand, this more fluid structure can lead to a more complex set of relationships in the organization.
The network structure is a newer type of organizational structure viewed as less hierarchical (i.e., more “flat”), more decentralized, and more flexible than other structures. In a network structure, managers coordinate and control relationships that are both internal and external to the firm.
The organizational structure is designed from both the mechanistic and the organic points of view, and the structure depends upon the extent to which it is rigid or flexible. Flexible structures are also viewed as more humanistic than mechanistic structures. Which of the following is not a disadvantage of a divisional type of organizational structure? A.It can be very expensive compared to a functional organizational structure. B.There is a strong tendency for divisions to focus on short-term performance. C.There is separation of strategic and operating control.
Dec 24, 2019 · The matrix structure is widely used in the organizations which are large and diversify into different product lines. Following are some of the pros of adopting such an organizational structure: Enhances Formal Lateral Communication: The matrix structure promotes progressive interaction among the individuals at the same corporate level. Centralization. Centralization is the degree to which decision-making authority is concentrated at higher levels in an organization. In centralized companies, many important decisions are made at higher levels of the hierarchy, whereas in decentralized companies, decisions are made and problems are solved at lower levels by employees who are closer to the problem in question.
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